Convenient Healthcare within Your Reach
The HealthAid app matches you with the nearest medical specialist anywhere, anytime!
  1. In-home visit from a doctor at the click of a button
  2. Virtual consultation with medical experts
  3. 3D model feature for perfect symptom description
  4. Skip the waiting room, book an appointment with a doctor
Healthcare Technology Platform

Advanced medical attention only with a click

The HealthAid app is designed with the most advanced technological features to connect patients and doctors with ease. From our GPS tracking system so doctors can meet you right where you are, to the excellent 3D body image feature for better virtual diagnosis.

 We are the number one platform for everything you need to have a seamless medical experience. 

Healthcare Providers

Scale your medical profession, be a part of the future of medicine today

We provide medical practitioners with an efficient and highly functional platform where you can connect with countless patients from all around the country and beyond. Break free from the limitations of the office four-walls and earn more while doing what you love. Earn more using HealthAid!

HealthAid Technical Support
Advanced healthcare
We have everything you need to scale your medical career and evolve your practice. Build your patient clientele with access to patients from all over the country and beyond your physical reach. Gain access to the best doctors and set yourself up for a future free of health emergencies with regular medical consultations, Doctor In-home Visits and virtual diagnosis.
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Payment form HealthAid icon
Regular cashout
Get paid instantly for patient consultations and home visits. Earn more in hours, more than what you’ll earn monthly when you put your expertise to use on Healthaid. It’s time to live beyond your traditional paychecks.
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Why HealthAid

Here's how we serve you

Virtual medical consultation icon
Medical consultation
Enjoy unlimited medical consultations at your own pace from anywhere. Practice without boundaries and restrictions.
Doctor home-visit icon
Doctor Home Visit
Earn even more by going for home calls and regular patient checkups in their homes. Use our reliable integrated GPS tracking system to locate doctors anywhere and anytime.
Clinic services column icon
Clinic Visit
Increase your revenue on every side by taking in more patients. Refer patients to your clinic for physical treatments or examination when virtual consultations and our 2D body image just won’t do.
Ambulance third party medical aid icon
Third Party Medical Aid
Get medical assistance from our medical doctors and other partners.
Join HealthAid

Are you a medical practitioner? We are ready to work with you!

We have made a commitment to make healthcare accessible and affordable to households across Africa and beyond. We need you and your expertise to fulfil this mission. Join our vibrant life changing community; help save more lives and earn more while you’re at it.

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Notifications and reminders to customers and partners.
10k User World-wide
Our esteemed users cut across the entire globe.
About HealthAid

Who is HealthAid?

At HealthAid, both the patients and the doctors are our priority so we continuously strive to maintain a platform that’s reliable and trustworthy. Being the middle man has never felt so good! As we seamlessly connect patients and doctors from all around the country, our number one mission to make healthcare accessible is fulfilled.

If you would like to join us or need assistance to onboarding with us, please contact us.

See what HealthAid Medical Services is all about and how we serve you.
The HealthAid Team
We are here to help you live your best healthy life
Safety and Security

Your safety is our priority

We are focused on building trust between both patients and our medical practitioners. Doctors go through a meticulous verification process before onboarding and every private information shared on the platform is secured and encrypted. You are completely safe with us on our mission to make health care easy and accessible for all.

At HealthAid Medical Services, we care about your safety and security