About Us

HealthAid, Africa's number one health technology platform

At HealthAid, both the patients and the doctors are our priority so we continuously strive to maintain a platform that’s reliable and trustworthy. Being the middle man has never felt so good! As we seamlessly connect patients and doctors from all around the country in real time, our number one mission to make healthcare accessible is fulfilled.

Let's Build Together

Our Vision

To change the way people access healthcare by improving their healthcare experience. By far will be the most frictionless and instant way for everyone to access quality healthcare products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in Africa by leveraging technology-driven solutions. Get access to all your healthcare needs within minutes.

Our Core Values

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We are open to making progress through partnerships

At HealthAid Medical Services, we are committed to improving healthcare services in Africa and across the globe. However, we need all the help we can get. We cheerfully welcome individuals and organizations would like to partner with us to reach cover more ground and save more lives.


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Our Doctors

Ready to join our network?

HealthAid on call doctors are verified medical doctors who are not only committed to their practices but have good communication skills, public relation skills and proper etiquette. Our doctors are committed to the course and to maintaining our brand name.

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Join the doctor's network

Are you ready to join our network of doctors? Our onboarding process is easy and fast. Our correspondents will answer all your questions if any.

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