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We are open to partner with reputable health organizations and brands in our bid to make healthcare even more accessible, efficient and affordable for all. Our patients and doctors will require drugs, scans, medical test kits and the likes. We are partnering with reputable pharmacies and diagnostic centers to further improve our services and of course increase your revenue. Ready to partner with us?

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Health Insurance

We intend to bring more value to our customers by providing medical insurance for all.

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We intend to partner with local hospitals to provide our customers access to hospitals nearest to them.

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We intend to partner with pharmaceuticals to provide our customers convenient access to pharmaceutical products.

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Medical Laboratories

We intend to partner with laboratories to enable our customer carryout test and scans without hassle.

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Insurance Companies

Our partnership with insurance companies

In our mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible, we are partnering with health insurance companies around the country. So, patients who have health insurance can use it on the platform and those who don’t can get onboard the insurance train through our platform. It’s a win-win for all.

Hospitals and clinics

Our partnership with Hospitals

We are partnering with top-notch hospitals for patient referral if the need arises. Patients may be looking for the hospital closest to theirs and it just might be yours! Feel free to reach out to us for partnership.


Our partnership with Pharmacies

We are partnering with reputable pharmacies around the country and beyond from which HealthAid patients can receive their prescribed medications. Medications can be received through deliveries or pick up.

Medical Laboratories

Our partnership with Medical Laboratories

We are partnering with reputable medical laboratories around the country to get HealthAid patients the best medical testing service. Your lab would be recommended to patients and listed in our partners database.

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