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Virtual Medical Consultation

You can now chat or have audio and video calls with a Doctor within 30 minutes and prevent the hazards of self-medication. Communicate your symptoms to a Doctor and get professional diagnosis using our free App to App calling feature.

Preventive Healthcare

Prevention is better than cure. HealthAid through our doctors provides you with the needed knowledge to prevent illnesses and associated risk factors that can be caught early on before they manifest.

In-Home Visits

In cases where treatment cannot be offered online, HealthAid brings the doctor to you within minutes. All you have to do is to input your current location, choose the service you want, click request doctor and the App notifies the nearest doctor to you.

Clinic Visits

We offer our app subscribers a ‘physical consultation’ option.  You can now book In-person hospital appointments or clinic visits for medical tests and treatment with hospitals closest to you.

Nutrition and Fitness

Fitness and nutrition are critical components of our overall well-being. That is why HealthAid provides fitness trainers and nutritionists who are happy to work with you to meet your fitness goals.

Third-Party Medical Aid

You can now get customized healthcare plans for yourself, your family, friends and your employees.

Request an In-Home, Virtual, or Office Visit With One of Our Doctors at Any Time.

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  • Confirm the time that works best for you. We can see you immediately or you can freely schedule an appointment in advance. There are no limitations. 

  • Get advanced medical service

  • You can now have the best medical service at your convenience, and also have access to all your medical records at anytime.

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Your Safety is Our Priority

At HealthAid, we are dedicated to ensuring a safe medical experience for our subscribers. Our Organization is Covid-19 compliant with great emphasis on health, hygiene and safety precautions.

Our doctors go through a thorough verification process before they are onboarded on our platform. We offer safe and convenient medical services to our subscribers.
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